23 Nov 2012

Bike Film Night | Edition 1 Review

Edition 1 of Exeter #BikeFilmNight took place at the Exeter Phoenix cosy Black Box – Thank you to the Phoenix Digital Department for their participation, help and support. BikeCaffeExeter helped us too to get this space.

NoGutsNoGlory, MagicBikeMike and Velo Vintage gave their time to interact and show their products to the audience of 40.

Böikzmöind was the main film. A real eye opener for the Exeter audience who totally enjoyed it.

Moving from fixed gear to road cycling were the 2 Rapha Films. More traditional & beautifully filmed. The last little surprise was the “Every time a bike is stolen…” -  funny, sweet and bitter 5 minutes.

Velo Vintage also gave away 2 pairs of tickets via a prize draw for their December ride.

Being a free evening, the screening was appreciated by all. A great social evening about cycles. Another #BikeFilmNight  will take place in February/March 2013 – Date tbc. It will be at the same Exeter venue. The film will be 100% adrenaline and mainly about urban messenger riders!

In the meantime, you can check some pictures taken during this first edition > HERE. Thank you all for making this cycling community happen!

19 Nov 2012

Restrap Horizontal Foot Straps Review

Pretty soon after I started riding Fixed Gear I realised I was going to have to use a foot retention system. Gentle rides without having your feet attached to your pedals are fine but when it comes to skidding or getting up big hills you need the extra leverage (and danger!) being attached provides.

I've never used toe clips but they don't look particularly secure and I wasn't sure how they would work with a range of footwear. Clipless pedals aren't for me so that leaves Foot Straps.

I decided to get my straps from Restrap because they are a small UK company and they use recycled materials. I bought their horizontal straps (rather than diagonal) as they seemed like they would be more secure.


18 Nov 2012

Bike Film Night

This Wednesday the 21st sees the first Bike Film Night presented by OneGearExeter and BikeCaffeExeter at the Exeter Phoenix. The event is free and features some great films:

Böikzmöind: A fun documentary by Gavin Strange about the fixed gear scene in Bristol.
Rapha films: Short documentaries beautifully filmed about road cycling and adventure as a group of passionate cyclists.

As well as these great films Magic Bike Mike will be in attendance with some bikes he has built and No Guts No Glory will bring some bits and pieces from their shop.

All of the tickets are now allocated so unfortunately there won't be any available on the night. Stay tuned for more information about the next Bike Film Night which is already being planned!

14 Nov 2012

Ass Savers Mudguard Review

If like me you aren't too keen to attach a big mudguard to your bike but still want to arrive at your destination with a dry bum then you might be in the market for an Ass Saver. It sounds like someone who helps you out ("Thanks for that Jeff, you're a real ass saver!") but it's actually a small folding mudguard made from (mostly recycled) thin, foldable plastic.

"The SmartAss fits nicely onto the rails of your saddle without any tools or fittings. When it stops raining, simply fold it up and store it underneath your saddle until next time. The SmartAss fits about 80% of all standard rail saddles"

This video shows how it works:

13 Nov 2012

Coffee Shop Ride: 14th of November

After a week off the #CoffeeShopRide is back this Wednesday the 14th of November. We've decided to try a new route around the city for a change. Here is a map of the route to give you an idea of the distance.

As ever anyone is welcome to join us, just turn up at 6pm (or earlier if you want a brew) at Devon Coffee which is next to Nero/Subway on Queen Street Exeter. The pace is steady, a ride not a race. We mostly ride fixed gear or single speed bikes but you are welcome to come along on your geared bike as long as you wait for us on the hills!

You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

6 Nov 2012

Fixed'n'Chips 2012

If you are interested in Fixed Gear bikes then you have most likely heard about Fixed'n'Chips by now. The race was organised by Gavin Strange of Boikzmoind fame and is related to the weekly #ChipShopRide in Bristol (which inspired our very own #CoffeeShopRide). This was no ordinary alleycat though, for example how many races have you heard of where you can gain bonus points for scoffing battered sausages?!

Fixed'n'Chips 2012

OneGearExeter travelled up north to Bristol to take some photos of the event, view the full gallery here.