29 Oct 2012

Coffee Shop Ride: 1st of November

Thanks to everyone who came out to the last Coffee Shop Ride, it was nice to meet some new people and the turn out was great despite the rain. We rode to the Turf Locks which was fun if a little dark (I almost rode into the canal at one point!).

Anyway... the next Coffee Shop Ride will take place this Thursday the 1st of November. We will meet at the Exeter Cycles Cafe (on the Quay near Bar Venezia) from about 5:30pm onwards to leave at about 6pm. We will head towards Topsham and probably stop at the chippy before heading back.

Everyone is welcome - we normally have a mix of people riding Fixed Gear/Single Speed/Geared bikes so whatever you ride you're welcome to join us.

24 Oct 2012

Coffee Shop Ride: 25th of October

The first ever Coffee Shop Ride was a great success (even if we do say so ourselves).The weather was unexpectedly great and other than a puncture everything went to plan. Thanks to everyone who turned up!

In order to suit people who aren't available on weekends we decided that the next ride should be held on a weekday evening. So... the second #CoffeeShopRide will be taking place this Thursday the 25th of October.

Exeter Cycles have recently opened a bike shop and cafe on the quay so we will be meeting there. It's near Bar Venezia and in front of the Clip and Climb centre, this link should take you to a map if you're not sure where that is.

We will ride to Topsham and back which is mostly on cycle paths but please brings lights as it will be dark. If you don't have lights shout on Facebook or Twitter as I'm sure someone will have some you can borrow.

Please join us, everyone who rides fixed gear or single speed is welcome and if you want to join us on a geared bike then that's fine too!

22 Oct 2012

No Guts No Glory Celebrates 3 Years Of Success!

No Guts No Glory turns 3 years old on Saturday 3rd November! To celebrate this they will be filling McCoys Arcade with a section of local artists and makers as well as special guest artists, pop-up local cinema, live bands and competitions!

Based in the Independent West Quarter of Exeter, the No Guts No Glory shop is run by Nathan Blaker and Hayley Marchant. The project aims to support and promote up and coming illustrators, designers and artists by selling their work from their shop in McCoys Arcade. NGNG also curate a range of Organic hand-printed jumpers and t-shirts designed exclusively by the talented artists within the NGNG Collective. "The project is sustainable through and through, from the relationships built with artists and clients to our impact on the planet, using Organic materials and re-purposing where possible, as well as learning practical skills to fix and build things ourselves. We're proud of our D.I.Y ethos!" explained Marchant.

The little shop is crammed with self-published zines, magazines and books as well as an eclectic selection of prints and indie arts. "We aim to offer a platform for emerging local artists as well as bringing inspiring art from further afield to Devon" explains Blaker, who faced the recession head on and started NGNG in 2009 with a budget of only £300. "It's great to feel we have reached such a milestone - to be able to look up and see what we've achieved is incredible."

To celebrate their third year, No Guts No Glory are hosting a party on Saturday 3rd November 2012 to coincide with Handmade Arcade - Exeter's Indie Art and Makers fair. The fair will feature special guest artists Sandra Dieckmann and Jack Teagle, and see the launch of a (free!) Silent Cinema - run by a collective of local film-makers. There will also be live music throughout the day from some of Exeter's finest musicians; Some Sort Of Threat, Giles Bidder, Will Rene, Jess Maidment and more!

No Guts No Glory are offering lots of great discounts in-store as well as drawing competitions, mulled wine and lots of vegan goodies! Join them on Saturday 3rd November from 10am - 5pm at McCoys Arcade on Exeter’s Fore Street to celebrate the diverse range of Independent Art in the South West!

10 Oct 2012

Tokyo to Osaka on Fixed Gear Bikes

This video is a few years old now but pretty interesting if you haven't yet seen it. A group of Fixed Gear riders on an epic journey from Tokyo to Osaka in order to discover the real Japan. It's 13 minutes long so grab a brew and enjoy:

3 Oct 2012

Coffee Shop Ride: 6th of October

The first ever Coffee Shop Ride (or should that be #CoffeeShopRide) will be taking place this Saturday the 6th of October. We will leave from Devon Coffee at 1pm and ride to Topsham and back which is about 10 miles and mostly flat.

We are all about the pleasure of riding so there won't be any sort of competitive element although you are welcome to wear lycra if you're into that sort of thing ;). Anybody who rides a Fixed Gear or Single Speed bike is welcome.

Devon Coffee is located on Queen Street next door to Nero. It's a nice little independent coffee shop so a great place to start. Please spread the word - feel free to use the image above or the Twitter hashtag #CoffeeShopRide. Invite anybody you think might want to join us.

See you on Saturday!

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