28 Sep 2012

Plymouth Fixed Gear Videos

Check out these videos by our neighbours down the road in Plymouth:

If you're in the Plymouth area (move? ;)) then check out their Facebook group. They're doing some rides on Thursdays:
"We're running a night time crit every Thursday with the Plymouth Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed Cycling Club (Although geared bikes are welcome, too) - nothing serious, just for some winter training."
via The Foot Down

25 Sep 2012

Some of our toys! 1983 Raleigh styler. French singlespeed cruiser. #Bmx by bikecaffeexeter

via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/Nyo3KoTgd5/

Bikecaffe Sketch style! by bikecaffeexeter

via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/M3q5WAzgXz/

Exeter fixed gear & single speed community plans

During our great not sunny Summer 2012, it appeared that Bristol - only up the road from Exeter - has a major fixed gear cycle community.

What is this all about?

It is not about racing but meeting up to share the same enthusiasm and passion: riding a simple and easy bike with only one sprocket!

The @OneGearExeter twitter stream was started with the aim of gaining local followers to build that missing Exeter fixed gear cycle community.

There are more and more cyclists, but no community! Once again it is clear that we aren't about competition level but about enjoying the rides, feeling the thin tyres stroking the road. Each bike being different and almost unique to match your personality to a certain extent.


What's next, you might ask?

First of all, getting enough people willing to meet-up most likely Saturday mornings/afternoons - as now darkness comes early - and go for a few miles within and around Exeter...all in a friendly manner.

The meeting point will be in Queen Street Exeter outside/inside Devon Coffee Shop. A great meeting place where you can get a nice brew before and/or after a ride. Great choice of teas and cakes too.

To know the evolution of such #CoffeeShopRide (important hashtag to remember for the future) our twitter account is here for live and direct updates.

Secondly, we hope to be able to organize little events including something along the line of Bike Film Night...not making films but watching films. A few movies are already on a shortlist. All details will be confirmed as soon as we have more information according to possibilities/options.

Local players would be involved as well. However, it is a real logistic puzzle to get the projection space, the eventual speakers and guests at the same time in the same space. Be patient with such thing but we hope that it will happen faster than initially thought.

This cycle community is not about making cash from participants but just about blending around the same subject that is pedal-power on a rudimentary machine.

You can also interact with us via Instagram:

Show us your fixie by tagging your Instagram photo with #fixedgearexeter and it will appear on our blog. Finally, if you see fixed gear or single speed riders in Exeter engage with them, whatever their age.
Until next time...be safe!

19 Sep 2012

BÖIKZMÖIND: A Bristol Fixed Gear Documentary

BÖIKZMÖIND is a documentary about the fixed gear scene in Bristol which was created by Designer and all-round creative guy Gavin Strange. The film focuses on what it's like to ride fixed gear bikes and some of the great events going on in Brizzle.

As well as the obvious riding footage and talking heads there are some excellent set pieces in the film. Gavin works for Aardman Animations by day and clearly used his creative side to come up with some sections which you wouldn't expect to see in a your average documentary.

What BÖIKZMÖIND does most of all is make you want to go out a ride as soon as it's finished which says it all really. If you are interested in seeing the film you can watch the Trailer or download it for only £5.99 from here.

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