19 Nov 2012

Restrap Horizontal Foot Straps Review

Pretty soon after I started riding Fixed Gear I realised I was going to have to use a foot retention system. Gentle rides without having your feet attached to your pedals are fine but when it comes to skidding or getting up big hills you need the extra leverage (and danger!) being attached provides.

I've never used toe clips but they don't look particularly secure and I wasn't sure how they would work with a range of footwear. Clipless pedals aren't for me so that leaves Foot Straps.

I decided to get my straps from Restrap because they are a small UK company and they use recycled materials. I bought their horizontal straps (rather than diagonal) as they seemed like they would be more secure.


The straps were easy to install - they thread through the side of BMX style pedals and fasten using metal buckles. It takes a while but once you've got the buckles done up the fit can be adjusted using the velcro strap.

There is no way these straps are ever going to undo whilst you're riding due to the massive velcro section. Restrap say they've never had a complaint or product fault and you can see why, the attention to detail is great.

Using foot straps gets a bit of getting used to. That's code for "you will fall over at least once". Getting in to the straps is tricky as you have to turn the pedal the right way up and slip your foot in... whilst the pedals are turning. It's best to keep one strap slightly loose until you get used to them.

This isn't an issue specific to Restrap, it's just how foot straps work in general so these straps get 5/5.


The straps can be ordered directly from Restrap for £28 with free delivery. They also sell diagonal straps as well as T-Shirts, caps etc. They even have a messenger bag in the works.

Restrap Horizontal foot Straps
Reviewed by Fixed Gear Exeter
on Nov 19 2012
Rating: 5

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