19 Sep 2012

BÖIKZMÖIND: A Bristol Fixed Gear Documentary

BÖIKZMÖIND is a documentary about the fixed gear scene in Bristol which was created by Designer and all-round creative guy Gavin Strange. The film focuses on what it's like to ride fixed gear bikes and some of the great events going on in Brizzle.

As well as the obvious riding footage and talking heads there are some excellent set pieces in the film. Gavin works for Aardman Animations by day and clearly used his creative side to come up with some sections which you wouldn't expect to see in a your average documentary.

What BÖIKZMÖIND does most of all is make you want to go out a ride as soon as it's finished which says it all really. If you are interested in seeing the film you can watch the Trailer or download it for only £5.99 from here.

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