14 Nov 2012

Ass Savers Mudguard Review

If like me you aren't too keen to attach a big mudguard to your bike but still want to arrive at your destination with a dry bum then you might be in the market for an Ass Saver. It sounds like someone who helps you out ("Thanks for that Jeff, you're a real ass saver!") but it's actually a small folding mudguard made from (mostly recycled) thin, foldable plastic.

"The SmartAss fits nicely onto the rails of your saddle without any tools or fittings. When it stops raining, simply fold it up and store it underneath your saddle until next time. The SmartAss fits about 80% of all standard rail saddles"

This video shows how it works:

So how well does it work? About as well as you would expect given the size. Obviously something like this is never going to be as good as a full size mudguard but it certainly helps to keep you dry.

In the summer I found that I could chuck the Ass Saver in my bag and put it on my bike if the weather changed. It did a good job of keeping me dry although given the high position it didn't prevent me from spraying others as I cycled past.

In the winter the Ass Saver isn't really enough to keep you dry - it helps but a full mudgaurd is needed to guarantee dry pants. The Ass Saver is really easy to install and remove so is a great occasional guard for moderately bad weather.

Thee Ass Saver Costs £5.57 plus about £3 shipping from Sweden. It comes in 10 different colours - I recommend the clear one to prevent it from shading your back light too much in the dark. Buy it here.

Ass Savers Mudguard
Reviewed by Fixed Gear Exeter

on Nov 14 2012
Rating: 4

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