27 Feb 2013

Idea – illustration – screen print – t-shirt

It all started in December 2012.

We wanted to have something more than a spoke card.

Beside our BikeFilmNight and CoffeeShopRide, we needed a little extra to show that there is a real fixed gear and single speed community in Exeter.

During a HandmadeArcade  organized by NoGutsNoGlory , we met Michael Jennings. His work is neat and detailed…ideal for a visual identity.

After a few exchange of emails and ideas regarding the main subject then the fonts and the layout, Mick came up with this one:

Why a bird?! Why not! It was important for us to have something not featuring a bike or anything directly linked to the minimal geometry of a cycle.

A talking point when meeting around a table.

The second step was to find someone being able to hand print or screen print this artwork. After searching the web and contacting various people from Exeter, Bristol and Birmingham, we were informed that something new and local was happening: Broadside Screenprinting!

Kevin from Broadside Screenprint
Within a few days…actually 3 days…the tees were ordered and printed…a second-to-none service. Great service, quality and price too.

These t-shirts are limited as our aim is to cover our cost and have a kind of urban visibility – in other words we don’t want to make it a business. Any profit will be re-used within the community for drinks or snacks…etc

“…just a ride – not a race…”

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