4 Feb 2013

A local visit to Exmouth's Bikelands

After having visited Bikelands in Exmouth a first time early January, a second visit took place to check even more all products on display. Bikelands is located in Exmouth town centre by The Strand.

Stuart who moved from London to Devon is running this bike shop...but it is a neat space. A showroom of cycles of all sorts, accessories (helmets, bags, Brooks saddles, BLB tools and parts, books & magazines from Boneshaker to Coven).

After spending almost an hour chatting, it was time to pay for the BLB ratchet wrench.

But, after stepping back to look a last time at the little bits, the Linus Pouch became a new subject of conversation.

Stuart explained that it is very practical to attach at the front of the handlebars or even at the back of the saddle to store bits and bobs.

Our community being mainly fixed gear and single speed riders, something just clicked. The alternative way to use it, to put smartphone, wallet, keys or even gloves...wear it around your waist by just sliding your belt through the vintage (adjustable) straps. What does this mean? With Spring and Summer on the way, drop the jacket and the backpack full of layers, for a pouch which is light, practical and does the job for riders who want to go for an urban spin or even explore the countryside.

Bikelands is an interesting place to explore, browse and discover. Of course, there is the website if you can't be bothered to go there in person.

There are even some Home mechanic Workshops to improve your knowledge and skills to fix and adjust the pedal powered machine when something doesn't sound right.


Linus Bike Pouch

Reviewed by Fixed Gear Exeter

on Feb 04 2013

Rating: 4

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