14 Dec 2012

Xmas Caption Competition: Results!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Fixed Gear Exeter Xmas Caption Competition. We have sorted through all the entries on Twitter and Facebook and chosen the top 4 who will each win a selection of prizes. I would just like to say that the standard of entries was very high but unfortunately I'm a bad liar...

Without further ado, the winners are...

First place

(The Bristol Dropouts musette, 5th Floor water bottle, Ass Saver, socks, Bone Shaker mag, plus some notebooks, stickers, grips and badges)

"*Texting friend* 'I really need to think of a good caption so I can win this Fixed Gear Exeter competition?!'" - Jed Allen

Second place

(Cycle Style book, Origin coffee, notebook, badges, stickers, Ass Saver, Bone Shaker mag)

"OK, do this application form 'Do you consider yourself a hard worker' Hmm. 'I ride a fixie, we don't have breaks." - Iain Randall

Third place

(Ass Saver, Bone Shaker mag, notebook, badges and stickers)

"Friends in the park" - James Fishwick

Fourth place

(Woolly hat)

"Honey I'm gonna be late, bike stuck in gear!" - Devon Coffee

We will be in contact with each of the winners to get the prizes to you before Christmas. Thanks again to all the companies who kindly donated their goodies. Check out the original post and above for links to their sites and support them like they supported us!

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