12 Dec 2012

Urban Cyclist Magazine Issue 2

We went to the local News Agent – WHSmith – during lunch break and picked up Urban Cyclist…a rather glossy magazine.

All was going well, reading through the second edition until…oh no… the Dashing Tweeds cycling jacket at £850! (page 44) – the fashion show has only started. The jacket scored 3/10 and reported as “poorly shaped, badly thought out” say no more…next please!

We aren’t here to bash this urban cycling magazine. We are actually happy to see such press coverage for fixed gear and single speed lovers. It will bring even more chat before and after our CoffeeShopRides in 2013 and BikeFilmNight too.

The Charge Grater, new from Charge Bikes for 2013 gets a positive review: “Light, comfortable, fast handling & great value” (page 96).

Grab a copy if you wish to share this rather unique/ niche subject. And if you can’t and don’t want to fork out 599 pennies see below some shots of this actual issue.

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