7 Jul 2013

Das Rad Klub Bristol to Barcelona Ride

Yesterday I passed a group of cyclists in matching black lycra near Cullompton heading towards Exeter. At first I couldn't understand why a group a roadies would be pedalling so fast but as we got closer it became clear that they were riding Fixed Gear bikes. They were all wearing Das Rad Klub Jerseys - I remembered Laurent mentioning that Das Rad Klub was a Bristol company so I Googled them to see what they were up to down here.

It turns out that 5 fixed gear riders are cycling from Bristol to Barcelona to raise money for Bristol Area Stroke Foundation. You can read more about them on the Das Rad Klub blog here and sponsor them here.

Riding from Bristol to Barcelona on a fixed gear bike (in this heat!) is pretty impressive stuff so sponsor them! Das Rad Klub have leant the guys a GoPro so hopefully there will be some footage to share once they get back.

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