3 Oct 2012

Coffee Shop Ride: 6th of October

The first ever Coffee Shop Ride (or should that be #CoffeeShopRide) will be taking place this Saturday the 6th of October. We will leave from Devon Coffee at 1pm and ride to Topsham and back which is about 10 miles and mostly flat.

We are all about the pleasure of riding so there won't be any sort of competitive element although you are welcome to wear lycra if you're into that sort of thing ;). Anybody who rides a Fixed Gear or Single Speed bike is welcome.

Devon Coffee is located on Queen Street next door to Nero. It's a nice little independent coffee shop so a great place to start. Please spread the word - feel free to use the image above or the Twitter hashtag #CoffeeShopRide. Invite anybody you think might want to join us.

See you on Saturday!

P. S. As well as this blog you can follow us on the Twitter Machine or join the Facebook Group.

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